U.S.S. Pantheon

Welcome to the U.S.S. Pantheon!

When the Prometheus-class was commissioned in 2375, it was originally supposed to help in the war, however with its arrival late, few were produced, and many sat around with little use.

That was, until 2380, when a high profile Starfleet prisoner being transferred between facilities stole a shuttle and escaped. A then-Commander Tyler Hendricks was chosen to tag a skeleton crew out to catch the prisoner using what was then the fastest ship in the fleet.

They not only ended up catching the prisoner, they also set the groundwork for what would become known as the USS Pantheon, a criminal investigations ship designed to investigate, pursue, and capture those who think to commit crimes against the Federation and her allies.

Its been 5 years, Tyler is now a Captain, and much of the crew has backgrounds in Criminal or Crime Scene investigative practices, as they begin the process of being the first ship with this mission mandate.